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WOG Technologies - Biogas Utilization & Treatment

The biogas (methane) generated as a by-product of the anaerobic digestion process is a valuable product for the replacement of conventional energy sources like natural gas and/or electricity. It provides significant amount of revenues to industry operators. Depending on the application and source of effluent, Biogas generated from the wastewater plant requires treatment prior to use to prevent corrosion and air emissions.

WOG Technologies supplies complete biogas collection, handling, treatment, and utilization systems for the recovery of renewable energy from a variety of wastes and wastewaters.

WOG Technologies has enormous amount of experience with biogas handling, its treatment, utilizations, converting it to electricity etc meeting all safety codes and strict air emission limits. With the expertise available, a complete solutions on a turnkey is offered by WOG Technologies includes design, engineering, build, commission, maintain and operate.