Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Wog Technologies - Industrial Waste Water Management

WOG has the privilege to introduce its green charter which comprises annual programmes that focuses on environmental protection. As a matter of fact, WOG's environmental and sustainability performance has showcased its endeavor in this regard.

The environmental policy statement of WOG is laid down in its green charter which broadly defines the company's basic corporate environmental principles. WOG green charter underlines the policies and programmes which is being consistently pursued with the objective to achieve sustainable development.

WOG has earmarked a budget to solve this purpose. Through these funds local groups and organizations are being assisted with projects which wil l help achieve the objectives as laid down in WOG green charter. WOG gives thrusts to projects that involve voluntary groups with the objective to improve and conserve the local environment. The company also lays stress on developing projects which help raise awareness ut environmental issues locally.