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WOG Technologies - Electrodeionization Unit

Electrodeionization is a water treatment process in which direct current is used to continuously deionize water without use of any chemical. In EDI cathode and anode electrodes are used to attract positive and negative ions present in water.

Types of EDI unit :-

  • Physio-Chemical Treatment Hot water sanitizable Electrodeionization unit : These units are used in industries where chemical sanitization is not preferred like pharma industries and biotechnology industries. Hot water sanitization is more effective than chemical sanitization for controlling microbial count.
  • Chemical Sanitizable Electrodeionization unit : These units are used in industries like automobile , paper , power , textile etc where high purity DM water is required for process use.

Advantages of Electrode deionization Unit:-

  • No chemical consumption
  • Low Operation Cost with low maintenance
  • Consistent parameters of treated water
  • High equipment life
  • Zero Breakdown
  • No water wastage
  • Fully Automatic System
  • Low maintenance