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Mobile water treatment plants offer quick, reliable and cost effective service to meet the problem of water crisis. Mobile water facility is installed on a mobile trailer with all the water treatment equipments. The trailer can reach the site within no time and can provide safe drinking water to the population.

Mobile water treatment systems can treat both the surface and the ground water. When these units are applied for groundwater treatment a lot of money is saved, because of the opportunity to perform the treatment on the spot, so that there is no need for transportation. Moreover, even very small particles can be removed from the water during treatment in a mobile unit.

Processes in Mobile Treatment Plant

In modern mobile water treatment plant, more or less all types of processes is carried out that is both chemical and membrane separation processes are taken out in this membrane to effectively treat the wastewater. Some of the methods that are carried out in this plants are:

Mobile treatment plant consists of either one or more than one container. Depending on the nature of the water to be treated the number of containers vary. Water can be purified following both the steps that is primary treatment and the secondary treatment. The steps that are followed in both of these treatments are: Sedimentation, Sand filtration, Membrane filtration (Reverse Osmosis) and ion exchange. The treatment units are generally placed near the source of the water pollution. If the processing is carried out in batch then constant separation and processing will prevent the water from becoming polluted again.

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Types of Mobile Treatment Plant

Depending on the process followed for water treatment and the nature of the water to be treated, mobile treatment plant

Mobile Reverse Osmosis Systems

Mobile reverse osmosis (RO) systems can be used for to replacing or augmenting the capacity of existing RO treatment systems on an interim basis. In difficult cases mobile RO system can be combine with the mobile UF to provide high quality feed water pretreatment. Mobile RO systems consist of two trains and other ancillary equipment. The train consists of following equipments like process pumps, valves, instruments and controls. For efficient working, the plant is controlled by programmable logic controller.

Mobile Wastewater Treatment

Mobile waste water treatment, consist of systems that treats the waste water through aerobic biological treatment. In some of the mobile wastewater treatment plant, conventional aerobic plant combines with membrane bioreactor (MBR) aerobic biological treatment process to obtain fresh water from the wastewater. The ultra filtration system in the plant is used for replacing and augmenting the capacity of existing wastewater treatment systems on an interim basis. It is a containerized system consisting of equipments like process pumps, valves, instruments and controls. Programmable logic controller is used for controlling the entire system.

Mobile Water Filtration System

These plant gives quick solutions to the wastewater treatment solutions. The unit consist of simple-to-operate ultrafiltration (UF) or reverse osmosis (RO) technology. The unit can be transported to the job site easily and produces high quality water. The system is used for various industrial, municipal , commercial and other applications.

Mobile Drinking Water Treatment

For emergency water filtration requirements, mobile drinking water treatment system provides an effective solutions. The ultrafiltration (UF) systems used by this unit produces high quality permeate. The membrane of the ultra filtration system can filter the harmful microorganism like viruses, bacteria, Cryptosporidium, Giardia and suspended solids.

Mobile Process Water Treatment

Mobile process water treatment plant are used for generating potable drinking water and industrial process water. The plant consist of well insulated, heated and air conditioned container. They can be easily transported and installed. The chemical cleaning and neutralizing unit can easily sterilize the water and destroy the harmful microorganism. Whole unit is controlled by programmable logic controller.