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WOG Technologies - Waste Water Treatment/Recycle of Textile Effluent

Renowned textile mills manufacture different types textile products in their factory located in Pakistan. The manufacturing process generates large quantity of wastewater (5500 m3/day, COD 3500mg/l).

WOG conducted detailed survey of wastewater generation and water consumption in the manufacturing facilities & Evaluated possibilities of elimination of chemical use in wastewater treatment plant

WOG evaluated options of Recycling 92.75% of wastewater Back to process for Treatment (5100 m3/day).

WOG targeted on below points:

  • Elimination of use of ACID for pH adjustment from pH 11.5 to 7.
  • Flue gas from power plant. Flue gas injection system developed to dissolve CO2 present in flue gas into wastewater. By this means reduction of pH adjustment is done from 11.5 to 7.0.
  • Completely elimination of use of chemical in primary treatment section
  • Advanced Membrane Based Biological system is installed to produced superior quality of treated water.
  • To meet water quality to recycle in process – Two Stage RO system installed. → No pre-treatment before RO, as water quality from MBR is superior.
  • Energy recovery system is provided to optimise energy consumption.

Result Of Treatment Provided By WOG

  • Biologically treated effluent COD remains less than 100ppm and BOD remains < 5ppm.
  • COD Removal efficiency across MBR is 95%+