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WOG Technologies - About The Company

Welcome to WOG Technologies, a world leader in providing delegated management of water, wastewater services and renewable energy generation for industrial and municipal client. It designs the technological solutions and builds the facilities required for these services.
WOG Technologies offers unique and sustained solutions for its customers for their specific needs through a vast range of services and innovative solutions. It handles every step in water cycle for public authorities including withdrawing water, produce and convey the drinking water. It also provides the services of conveying wastewater, its treatment, recycle, distribute to the industries and environment. This performance allows us to make an important contribution to the environmental protection and enhancing quality of life With decades of application experience in the field, WOG Technologies is the right choice for your water, wastewater treatment and waste-to-energy needs. As providers of a collection of the world’s leading treatment technologies, including:

  • Anaerobic Treatment System
  • Fine Bubble diffuser aeration, Jet Aeration Systems
  • Most advanced Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Technology
  • Most advanced Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor (ANMBR) Technology
  • Physio-Chemical Treatment Systems
  • Free and Emulsified Oil treatment Systems
  • High End Tertiary treatment Systems
  • Ultra Filtration Technologies
  • Reverse Osmosis Technology
  • Waste to Energy- Generating Electricity, ethanol, methanol and other alcohols.

WOG Technologies has the right tools and expertise to tackle the toughest industrial wastewater problem. We take pride in providing innovative, sustainable, environment friendly treatment solutions that satisfy our clients' needs. With the presence in many countries and pool of strategic alliances across several countries, we meet our clients’ needs by providing close local relationships

Our Mission: Excellence through our concerted efforts and satisfied customers


WOG Technologies - Strategic Alliances & Partnerships

WOG Technologies carries several strategic alliances to provide a wide variety of solutions to the industrial and municipal market place under the offered services.

WOG Technologies - Pilot Testing Projects

WOG Technologies continually maintains an extensive research and development (R&D) program designed to ensure the delivery of the most efficient, cost-effective treatment systems to our customers. From our state-of-the-art laboratory to our fleet of pilot and demonstration units, we have the resources to determine the best way to handle the needs of Customer’s wastewater, wastes.

Pilots Units

WOG Technologies Offers the pilot and demonstration units, from bench-scale to larger units, which are utilized to perform studies of treatment performance, process optimization and operations training

Pilots and demonstration units can be shipped to Customer site or sufficient wastewater, water and /or waste can be shipped to WOG Technologies’s facilities for testing. They are typically leased to clients for a predetermined and agreed period.

WOG Technologies - All Case Studies

Waste Water Treatment/Recycle of Textile Effluent

Renowned textile mills manufacture different types textile products in their factory located in Pakistan. The manufacturing process generates large quantity of wastewater (5500 m3/day, COD 3500mg/l).

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Waste Water Recycle/Resue Project (Tap Water) - Phuket, Thailand

W.O.G Group has executed a Waste Water Treatment Recycle/Reuse Project capacity 25MLD in Thailand to increase municipal water supply in Phuket with an objective to meet the Thai Tap water quality standards set by Provincial Water authority (PWA).

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Refinery & Petrochecmical Shutdown Wastewater Treatment And Management

W.O.G. GROUP worked on Shutdown/ Turnaround wastewater management for a Petrochemical Project located in the Middle East. WOG GROUP specializes in providing tailor made solutions to the Oil and Gas Industries for their Environmental Management issues.

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WOG Technologies - List of Innovations

The technological solutions developed by WOG Technologies researchers contribute to economic growth that is more focused on organisms and the environment. It continues to develop the technologies to manage and preserve natural resources, case of living environments, control impacts on nature. Besides, it is highly focused on developing alternate source of energy. As a corporate, we continue to endeavor and conserve natural resources for coming generation. Every efforts are being made and put forward to recognize the future requirements. Current focused approach of WOG Technologies include the followings main technologies:

  • Anaerobic MBR Systems
  • Forward Osmosis Systems
  • Improved version of Activated Sludge Process
  • Membrane Bio Reactors
  • Media Filtration of Metal removal
  • Waste (Biomass) to Alcohols